Welcome to Japan and also to our website.
Everyone, from tourists, business persons to those who live in Japan, please take a glass and make yourself comfortable.

So, this bar is so called “authentic bar” in Japanese way. You might not figure out what kind of bar it is, do you?

Let’s say that this is the place where you can enjoy such nice glasses in such a nice mood. It is not a restaurant but rather similar to luxury hotel bar; the cozy place with classic music and jazz ,not noisy like nightclubs, where you could have a deep conversation with somebody, or the place where you try to seduce someone in your mind. You will find many “authentic bars” of this type in Japan which are definitely recommended to try.

I cannot speak English very well but we have an English menu here. It will be okay, we can communicate each other by struggling to speak Japanese and English.

-Cover charge-

I clearly remember the day when I gave a gratuity for the first time in foreign countries. It was a kind of culture difference between Japan and overseas; people do tip for every services from restaurants to taxicabs. It was competently new for me and I think I gave it more than people usually do without knowing how much I should tip.
On the other hand, we also have a bit strange custom here in Japan; so called “Otoshi” in Japanese. As the recent increase of inbound activities as well as tourists from foreign countries, I often hear about the struggles of this “Otoshi” culture from foreigners who came to Japan. It should be quite unbelievable to see a small plate of appetizer served even if you didn’t order it and it is regarded as an order of a few hundreds yen. Sometimes this price will be added as soon as you take a sheet, without being served anything.

Let me explain about this system so that you will understand it; “Otoshi” has a meaning of “cover charges”; fixed amount added to the bill for services, so as this bar.

How to calculate;
When you take 1,500 yen of glasses twice:
Total = (Cover Charge 1,000 JPY + 1,500 JPY + 1,500 JPY)  x Sales Tax 8%
= 4320
= 4300

when you take 1,500 yen of glasses three times:
Total = (Cover Charge 1,000 JPY + 1,500 JPY x 3) x Sales Tax 8%
= 5940
= 5900